«Dich selbst zu lieben heisst alles von Dir, jede Erfahrung – einschliesslich Deiner Widerstände dagegen – willkommen zu heissen und zuzulassen

«Jeder kann lernen eine bewusste und liebevolle Beziehung im Umgang mit sich selbst zu kultivieren – auch Du.»

“Loving yourself frees you from the pain caused by the inner critic and awakens the inner lover, which is the foundation to love yourself and another / others as well.”

“What has been denied is being acknowledged. What has been rejected is being invited. What has been repressed is being welcomed. What has been attacked is being embraced & allowed. Welcoming & Allowing is a path of loving yourself and others, and adopting a loving attitude towards all that is.”

Nobody loves me. I am not good enough. I will never succeed. I can’t… This kind of negative  self-talk has incredibly damaging consequences. In fact, self-criticism is the number one source of unhappiness, low self-esteem, and painful relationships.

Audio Book (English): CHF 14.95

How The Art of Selflove Works

Drawing on years of personal and professional study, my own life experience, and my work as a successful body-centered / somatic therapist,  I – Frank Lobsiger – have created The Art of Selflove. This self-help book will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature in general.  Using the book’s central method, the Welcoming-Process™, you will learn how to relate to yourself in a conscious and loving way, no matter what the circumstances are. The Art of Selflove is simple, practical, and highly effective self-help book. The central method to cultivate Self-Love in your own life is called The Welcoming-Process™. 


The Welcoming-Process™ consists only of 3 straight-forward steps that when used regularly will enable  and empower you to:

– Cultivate your Inner Observer for greater self-awareness & mindfulness

– Transform & harmonize your negative self-talk, self-attack, & bad moods 

– Develop a conscious & loving attitude towards yourself & all your     experiences, including stress and “triggeredness”

– Increase your self-worth, self-esteem, & self-confidence

– Empower yourself by taking full self-responsibility for your here & now experience

– Connect with your Inner Self – the true source of love and happiness

– Feel more loved, happy, and whole from within

– Master the skill of relating to yourself and others in a conscious & loving way

– Create more harmonious & fulfilling relationships

– Listen to & follow your Inner Voice / Intuition

Happy Readers
giving their feedback…

“Finally, a simple and practical method that can help to relate to yourself in a conscious and loving way. The best first chapter I have ever read. I am sure  “The Temple Dream” is going to touch you deeply, too. A must read!”

Sheila Nunes, Spiritual Counsellor & Therapist, Switzerland

“I have used the Welcoming-Process many times and have found it both incredibly simple and incredibly powerful. The process fascilitates what is perhaps one of the most challenging things for a human being to do – fully accept oneself and allow one’s experience. Through this process, each time, I have found a love, a compassion, a peace, and a freedom that has opened new doors and possiblities leading to lasting changes in my life.”

Roger Kenneth Marsh, Author of “NexGen Human”, California, USA

“I ordered this book a few weeks ago, and have been reading it since its arrival. The timing in my life is perfect. I had not been loving myself, and it was being reflected in the other aspects of my life. Especially in my relationship with women. – The Art of Selflove book is INCREDIBLE. Just from the first chapters, I felt safer, more understood, less alone, and hopeful for an answer to the emotional demons that threaten me; demons born out of a lack of selflove. After reading and practicing the Welcoming Process, I continue to be moved and transformed and the emotional demons grow dimmer and dimmer.

I admire the courage and insight it took to do the self work that is so evident in this book. I respect the discipline and perseverance it took to write it all down, edit, and finesse the end resulting manuscript. I must say: This book is AMAZING. So smart, so beautiful, so powerful and true.

I have been going through days of intense introspection while pondering and examining my relationship with myself for patterns and answers, and wondering how I can continually be coming up against old patterns of not taking chances and self attack. The answer, I believe, is addressed in this book: We have to surrender to love ourselves and have compassion for ourselves before we can surrender and love anyone else. I keep thinking with every observation Frank Lobsiger shares, every insight, that: THE WORLD NEEDS THIS BOOK. If only Oprah was able to read it. – I am profoundly grateful for this book. For it being in my life, and for Mr. Lobsiger sharing the beliefs and love in his book.”

Darren Stamos, Inventor, Canada

“Every morning after my yoga practice. I do a little, brief Welcoming-Process. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me cope with, well, everything! It is such a loving thing I can do with myself. It puts everything into perspective and gives voice to everything that is present. It is such a part of my day now and who I am.”

Orchid Jones, Teacher, Portland Oregon, USA

“The step by step approach of the Welcoming-Process is an excellent way to consciously walk through subtle or tangled everyday experience. In the Welcoming-Process I appreciate the intentional welcoming of the not-allowing, the resistance, or the “non-acceptance” towards one’s present experience. This can be a very pivotal moment in our development, the possibility of equally encompassing  this expression.” 

Caitilin Catley, Psychotherapist, New Zealand

“The Art of Selflove is an exceptional book which is obviously produced out of many years of practice and experience with people and their needs. This book is a generous gift, offering a path and a goal, at the same time providing an authentic key to self-realization through “Selflove”.

Who can deny modern man’s need for self-centering with fundamental self-respect and love? – Leading to the self-regulating system within, Frank Lobsiger brings us into contact with the inner self where true alignment and transformation takes place. He promises that, whilst nothing outside of oneself can lead to true happiness, the inner path is attainable with simple, easy-to-practice, tools.

From an unusual alchemical mixture of somatic therapy, psychotherapy and spiritual investigation Frank has produced a potion for self-transformation. Anyone who follows the path he has laid will reap the promised gold of true deep-rooted happiness and security.

I highly recommend this book to all seekers in search of a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. The gold is in the reaping; try it and see for yourself. Congratulations Frank on an excellent book!

Patricia Anne Elwood, Jungian Analyst, Switzerland

“The Welcoming-Process is a simple and valuable practice which creates immediate results for those doing it wholeheartedly.”

Max J. Van Praag, San Francisco, USA

Book Review by Marshall Govindan

The Art of Self Love:

Loving Yourself is the Key to Happiness

Authored by Frank M. Lobsiger

ISBN: 978-3-9523605-0-7

AraKara Publication, Estavayer-Le-Lac, Switzerland

USD 14.95

I enjoyed reading The Art of Selflove, authored by Frank M. Lobsiger, whom I have known for more than 10 years as a student of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, and translator of many of my seminars in Zurich, Switzerland. 

In the The Art of Selflove the best of Eastern mindfulness practices and Western somatic body-centered therapy is combined in a new technique developed by Frank, which he calls “The Welcoming-Process,” and which will be of interest to anyone who seeks to find the only lasting source of happiness there is: the inner Self.  I have practiced it and can attest to its effectiveness.  This three step process, begins with developing awareness of ones current internal experience.  Usually one is so absorbed in one’s emotions or thoughts, that one forgets that that is not “Who I am.” The second step involves “Allowing” oneself to experience whatever is coming up, whether it be an emotion, a desire, or an internal conflict, without judging it, without repressing it.  The third step involves noticing “the body-shift” which results from “allowing,” whether it involves the breath or a movement in one’s body, such as changing position, release of tension, a smile or a stretch.

The existential need for such a practice, as an antidote for egoistic self-absorption and unconscious suffering, is explained in the introductory chapters, in a manner which is both compelling and accessible to the vast majority of potential readers. 

The three steps of “The Welcoming Process” are clearly explained.  Useful diagrams and examples enable the reader to easily grasp the process, and to apply it in daily life. One may practice it whenever one feels that one’s attitude or inner reaction to life is causing one to suffer.  One always has the choice to change one’s attitude.  The “Welcoming Process” provides a powerful tool to do so.

The Art of Self Love is easy and fun to read. It is free of technical or philosophical terms.  It is supplemented by many interesting quotations and extensive bibliographic references for those who may wish to read more about its underlying psychology and philosophy.

Copyright © 2010 by Marshall Govindan